Through the ills of wars almost bringing about the extinction of the German Pinscher, Werner Jung, a man said to cross enemy lines, devoted his time and energy to save the breed from extinction. In result, Jung's dedication created the foundation for the modern Pinscher breed and where all Pinscher lines stem from.

German Pinschers, also called the Standard Pinscher, are a primitive breed that's intelligent, full of energy, stubborn, loyal, strong, and protective. German Pinscher's are medium powerful compact watchdogs that can be fiercely protective of their territory and family. They were bred to be bold, territorial and able to work independently by instinct as a ratter. With a high prey drive, agile and lighting speed, they are also popular as vermin hunters. Today's German Pinscher is proven to be excellent companions and guard dogs.

The German Pinscher was one of the foundation breeds to help create other breeds such as the Doberman pinscher, Miniature Pinscher, Affenpinscher and many other wonderful breeds. Today German Pinscher colors can be black and tan, red, fawn to yellowish or blue with tan or red markings.

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